Bill Burr on the saying ‘never hit a woman!’


This Week in Retardation [#1]

Behold ladies, gentlemen, anti-transnaziphiles alike. You are hereby invited to read upon the most ridiculous people of our society this week in the first fully-packed edition of ‘This Week in Retardation‘. Do I hold back on my ever-so-sweet thoughts on these people? No. Do I shame people for crying about being called Absolutely.

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Being fat isn’t positive, and Natalie Hage shouldn’t encourage it with her ‘plane rant’.

It’s your not-so-friendly resident complainer here, back with another sin to add to the list of shitty things people do. Much like every rant I have on here, I find the majority of stupid material shared via Facebook from friends and family. Sadly, one of my good friends happened to like this video which brought it to my attention. To that friend I only have one thing to say – for the love of God, please stop encouraging this. Continue reading