‘Company Wars: Recruitment of the JD’. (Journal Entry #1)

Today I got my first experience of one recruitment company throwing insults at another. It was dirty, and sort of annoyed me too.

A few weeks ago I went to a recruitment company (Company A) to help me find work. They were professional and somewhat friendly, and gave me a few tips on how to improve my presentation to employers. They took my information and said they would be in touch shortly.

Fast-forward two weeks. I’ve heard nothing. Not a thing.

So I decide to try another recruitment company (Company B) and met with them last Friday. It was one woman, and she was friendly and enthusiastic to hear about my job search and past history. I happen to mention Company A and how they aren’t really showing any interest or any signs of life. Company B obviously doubts them and shows her enthusiasm to help me. She later tells me that my profession has an average salary that I wasn’t expecting, and after researching this later it proves to be true.

Skip ahead to today. I get a call from Company A telling me about this new job that has come up, however the salary is a lot lower than I was previously getting. I mention this to the lady at Company A and she informs me it’s a normal amount for the profession. I bring up the average salary that Company B informed me of, and this sends Company A into a big tyrade.

Me: “I believe I should be, on average, making this number and it’s just too far off what I should be making.”
Company A: “…and who’s been telling you this, sorry?”
Me: “Company B, based on recent statistics by (organisation) for my area of the country.”
Company A: “O-okay. Well, let me be a bit honest here and say that Company B seems to be misleading you on this! Who was it you spoke to?”
Me: “(gives name of Company B representative)”
Company A: “Right, well I’m just going to be a bit rude and let you know that I’ve been doing this job longer than she has, and so has my colleague! We’re actually known for our correct statistics so you’ve been told wrong there.”

I told her how I saw the evidence for it, and that I found it a bit rude to be slating another company like that. She just laughed it off and went into detail about how the job would give me a good Christmas party and tried to compare it to ‘a black box in a tank’? I have no idea what she was saying, but it just struck me as really unprofessional at how she would treat a representative of another respected company like that. I ended up not wanting to put my name in for that role because of the noticeable decrease in salary. Thankfully, I have a few interviews to look forward to in the coming weeks!



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