The issue with post-relationship anger and how it devastates lives.

In September 2016, a couple were stabbed to death in Cardiff, Wales in the early hours of the morning. It was done by a scorned ex-boyfriend, who took revenge on his ex-girlfriend by stabbing her and her new partner multiple times before running off. The man, Andrew Saunders, was caught and has since been jailed for their murders.

This all happened due to the anger and frustration caused by the affair that his girlfriend was having. Although she did end the relationship in the early stages of her new partnership, this still fuelled a fire that would consume both of their lives. My question is, why is there not something in place to stop a grief-stricken ex lover from sinking to these depths? Is there not a way to reassure a person that everything will be alright after taking a blow like that? I think this problem is something that needs solving one way or another, but I don’t see a plan in place to help those in that situation.

Huffington Post brought out an article in 2014 giving statistical evidence showing that a third of women murdered in the United States are by intimate lovers. This can take into account current lovers, ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends and estranged lovers. In America alone, this is a big issue, and I’ve seen no structure made to help and support those that have encountered emotional trauma through relationships. I’m not speaking about medical care or keeping taps on these people. I’m speaking about a way to guide those with these problems and provide them with support that will help them realise that revenge is not the option to take. I believe an option that provides people with these similar emotional tears to come together and know that they aren’t alone would really benefit and help deter people away from having these chaotic thoughts. Whether it is causing someone to feel anger, or simply causing someone to feel emotional and alone, a programme like this would help combat this life-threatening issue.

As a guy that has witnessed this trauma through various events, I cannot stress enough how much this issue needs to be brought to life. From a guy that has seen his parents break down emotionally through these issues, and from a guy who has had the same feelings of anger and depression brought on by harsh break-ups I cannot fathom how such a common problem is not being treated more seriously. I’m not blaming society for the problems that arise from emotional break-ups, I’m merely suggesting that people are not ready to sufficiently deal with the world after such a traumatising event.


To read more on the judgement of the Andrew Saunders case, see the PDF link here:


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