Toilet Roll is the future! (Journal Entry #2)

It’s my girlfriend’s birthday today, and she enjoyed her presents from me a lot! I’ve primarily spent today waiting to go and see her, and spent the entire day soaking in her new life in her 20’s. It’s awesome seeing her smile. We’re currently watching Catfish and enjoying the robotic voice of Nev Schulman.
I had a thought the other day, and as weird as it is… It makes sense. So, hear me out. What bathroom product is not constantly updated, and is a crucial part of everyday life? No, it’s not toothpaste. I’m talking about… toilet roll. There is no need to update toilet roll to new new heights. There’s a constant need of the product and it will be bought on a regular basis. If you started a toilet roll company, you would be set for life. Make sure it’s comfy and sufficient, and the money will roll in. Just a thought for you all.

I’ve got a plan to go to the gym tomorrow, but I’ve already eaten birthday cake and pizza today. Maybe it’s more motivation to go! I’m going to get my podcasts in order to listen to as I’m… you know… working out. I’m a huge fan of ‘Last Podcast on the Left’ and ‘Reply All’ which I’ll be indulging in tomorrow!


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