Drugged eyes, strawberry water. (Journal Entry #4)

I think my last entry was Tuesday the 7th March, where I had an interview and also got annoyed at the fact that my former colleagues were given new work and I didn’t get a shred of a chance. Well, the week has gotten better, thankfully.

On Wednesday, I woke up early to go to a doctor’s appointment about my eye which needed dilating (aka my pupil expanded fully). Everything was fine, but I ended up going into my later interview with irregular pupils – which I explained to them. I had an interview with a commercial selling business in a role I’ve got experience in, and the two women interviewing me seemed pretty pleased with my performance. It didn’t last long, but I put my skills and experience in there and tried coming across more personable (which is hard for me to do really…). I came out feeling happy about it and was told I would hear by the end of the week which is in line with my other interview’s response time. It’s Thursday now and I haven’t heard anything since. Fingers crossed.

This morning I signed with another recruitment company and they seemed eager to get me some places. I’m just hoping it won’t be another waste of time. The rest of my morning consisted of visiting gaming shops and drinking strawberry-flavoured water. Sitting by the canal was nice too, it’s not everyday you get to appreciate the morning when you’re unemployed. I usually sleep in, so.

Tomorrow has nothing planned, although I am spending Saturday with family and enjoying my sibling’s birthday. I’m planning to stop by the gym too to… uhm… tone these sick abs, son. I’m kidding, there’s nothing there. Just a bit gut.



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