Professionalism isn’t hard. Companies should have more respect for their potential employees. (Journal Entry #5)

I was just about to sneeze so I put my arm up. I didn’t sneeze and it looked like I dabbed silently. Awkward. Thought I’d mention that.

Last Monday I had an interview with a tech company (Company A) to work in their IT support department. It went okay, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t get it. Last Wednesday I had an interview with a commercial property business (Company B) to work in admin, and it went really well. I was confident, composed and came across really well. Both said they would get back to me by the end of the week.

Monday afternoon, I called them both. Company B said they were currently shortlisting applicants and would get back to me soon. Company A said they would pass a message to the two managers and they would get them to contact me soon.

The next day, I got an email from Company B telling me I was unsuccessful. This was based on the fact there was so many applicants and I just wasn’t their pick. Fair enough, but then I went on a recruitment website and saw the job advertised. What the fuck? Were they not suffice with me and decided to try again? They answered back to the question and said it was an error and thanked me for notifying them. I’ve been waiting for Company A to say the same thing, but I’ve heard nothing back from them. To me, that’s even worse. It’s been almost two weeks since the interview and they haven’t even given me feedback or dropped an email to say I was unsuccessful. They could AT LEAST give me that, just to put my mind at ease.

You would think two professional companies in both the tech and property business would have a little more respect for potential employees, but they don’t. They don’t provide any sort of decency to those desperately trying to find work. I’ve mentioned in a previous entry at how ludicrous it is for a company to hand my former colleague a job when she already has one, and not someone who is desperately needing one (especially when I have way more experience than her). It’s ridiculous and upsetting to know companies aren’t as professional as their websites and Facebook pages make them out to be. Hell, my former employer showered their customers with newsletters letting them know everything was fine and dandy, purposely missing out the fact that their main source of income no longer exists and that they had to shut down the department that brings in 80% of the revenue.

The corporate world fucking sucks. They don’t give a shit about those in need, even after they’ve seen how enthusiastic they are to work alongside them. I’m just waiting for the two other companies I applied for yesterday to do the exact same.




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