Success! And maybe more success! (Journal Entry #6)

For those who have read my journal entries prior to now, you’ll know my struggle in finding employment. You’ll know I was craving actual employment again. For those of you who don’t know anything about the situation – yes, I have been job hunting for quite some time. 6 months in fact. And on the 27th March, I began working again.

A small technologies company offered me work last week after a 3-day interview rush I had. I interviewed for a financial role, for the technology company and an estate agency. All three were interested and impressed, but I eventually turned down the estate agency due to it being only part time. The technology company however offered me work for a 3 month temporary placement and I accepted.

Thing is, I really want that financial role. It’ll lead to a great career path and it’ll throw me in a promising future. I’m hearing that they’ll be offering me something soon, so I’m keeping my ears open. Thankfully I can leave the technology company ASAP with no notice (which is shit on the company, but for me it’s decent).

Working life is a massive change to my day, but I’ve got to be thankful for it. Sure, I miss waking up in my own time. I miss having those hours to do whatever I pleased. But I was losing money, and this option I have now gives me money and leaves me with a good, organised lifestyle.

This morning I had some trouble with the travel. It’s a job that’s a city or so away, so I’m repeatedly worrying about getting on buses on time. This morning for example, the bus was 10 minutes late to my stop. Atrocious. How dare they. But… You know, I get paid. I’m actually on the bus as we speak. This writing on the bus may become a usual thing. I’m not so much an audio book guy, so this kind of helps take up most of the time on here.

Anyways. It’s a good time right about now. Things are looking decent for me for the first time in a while. Onwards and upwards.


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