The hypocrisy with the public’s voice on crime.

Being subscribed to many social media platforms and in particular those of true crime, I tend to notice the pattern of people who voice their opinion on certain crimes. A man has been jailed for six years for killing his stepson in a head-on crash. Shocking, right? He was under the influence of cocaine and had been on the phone during the crash. The child was in the back seat and broke his neck, which ultimately led to his death. It is a horrible crime and it’s good that he will face his sentence for it. But then you have people like this…

“Im sure the boy would like to come bk after six years,
He was on drugs and took that boys life , he may as well held a gun to his head!!!
He should do the decent thing and kill himself.” – Facebook user.

This was a comment left on a Facebook post of this article. Now, I am not sympathetic to criminals in the slightest. I do have that interest in true crime, but in no way do I sympathise with the criminals themselves. They deserve punishment, and so rightly get it. Unfortunately, the judge in this case did seem to be lenient towards the criminal with a sentence of six years. But when does that justify comments such as the one above to be made? Do we, as public servants, have the right to spew such hatred in cases like this?

Now, this is a more lenient version of the problem I’m speaking about. Hell, even this article on the decrease in executions and the need for the death penalty has bad comments. One of them including this:

Completely agree those doing unforgivable crimes should be got rid off not kept at our expense. Child abuse. Animal abuse. Rape. Murder. Terrorism… all put to death! – Facebook user.

Does this not scream hypocrisy? Say a man kills another man. The public is infuriated by this crime. They then seek to do the same killing onto that man? They seek justice in the way of committing the same crime they are infuriated with? It’s absolute hypocrisy. I’m all for the death penalty in England, however I don’t wish it upon anyone without an official trial in place. If you are spouting hatred comments such as ‘kill him off!‘ or ‘kill yourself!‘ then you’re just as bad as those you are blaming.

I find it absolutely infuriating whenever I stumble across an article of a crime that has been committed, and the comments are just as hateful and vengeful as those committing that crime. This all sparked from a YouTube video I watched minutes ago. The guy is speaking about a child molester and suddenly spouts:

if there was a list where you could curb-stomp child molesters, I would pay for your spot if you were ahead of me!– Philip DeFranco, YouTuber.

I understand his anger. I’ve been a fan of Phil’s YouTube channel for quite some time, and I understand he’s especially angered by this due to having a child himself. Being a long-time fan of his, I’ve noticed that when news comes to light of child-abuse, molestations, etc., Phil usually goes off-script to personally vent his frustration at that criminal. This is fair, but these vents of anger show how angry and hypocritical the public can be. Sure, you can be angry at a crime and voice your opinion on the matter. But to publicly cry about how you want to torture/murder another human being makes you a hypocrite. Whether or not they are a criminal or how severe their crime is, there is no excuse to how hypocritical it sounds when a member of the public voices their want to torture a human over their criminal acts.

You cannot mask that criminal behaviour as something socially acceptable. It doesn’t matter about the severity of the crime or the victim in the crime. If you’re voicing your want to abuse that person for the crimes they committed, you are just as bad as them. It’s scary how the world perceives hateful words like this as something that is just ‘society getting revenge’. It isn’t. It’s showing that the deviant thoughts and actions in the minds of those criminals also lives inside of you. Society just masks those evil thoughts as if they are vengeful threats.

The last thing I want to include in this rant is a quote. It speaks of how simple it is to voice your anger on those we deem ‘monstrous’, but how the logical thing to do is to see past that.

“When we characterize someone as evil or monstrous, we dehumanize. We make them less than we are, and it’s easy to want to destroy them, to gain revenge, to punish them as harshly as possible.

If you found forgiveness in your heart and spirit — that delicate place that’s only yours — the rational part of you has to commit to it and hold on. It can be easy to lose it.” – Loren Toussaint, professor of psychology at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa.


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