The Drayton Manor ‘Splash Canyon’ incident. [My Thoughts]

Posting my feelings on a subject is something I feel is necessary every now and then, and today was one of those days. I was going to give my thoughts on another man-hating story, but the big news recently has all revolved around the Drayton Manor incident involving the death of an eleven year old girl. It’s a tragedy and people have every right to mourn the death of this young girl, however we have the usual rally of whiners who feel the need to blame Drayton Manor for this incident. Believe it or not, but the company is completely innocent of this death.

The story is that a young girl named Evha Jannath was on a field trip with her school to Drayton Manor theme park in Staffordshire, England. Some time within the day, Evha and her classmates chose to ride the Splash Canyon, a ride that consists of a multi-seat raft flowing down a rapid river. The river does consist of rocks, but bumping into them only enhances the enjoyment of the ride and gives it a more natural feeling to real rapids. During this ride, it’s been reported that Evha decided to change seats and fell into the water as the raft hit a rock. Due to the pressure of the currents, she was pulled under and couldn’t reach the surface to breathe which led to her death.

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘hey, how can she just get out of her seat like that? Isn’t that dangerous?’ Yeah, it is dangerous and something people have been angry about. People have been demanding why there was no seat belts, and why she could easily have fallen in the water. The answer is because they do not have seat belts. This is due to the fact that if a raft was to capsize, passengers would be restricted underwater with the harsh currents. As the ride is popular among children, the theme park does not want to take that risk, and instead adheres to strict rules that passengers must follow on the ride. Instead of seat belts, passengers are asked to remain seated and keep hold of the circular metal rail in front of them. This was the case for Evha, however it looks like the rules weren’t followed in this instance. She didn’t remain seated, she didn’t hold onto the circular rail and unfortunately ended up in the water.

A lot of people can jump on this and say how cruel I am for being so defensive of the theme park, but I am simply addressing the elephant in the room. It is so easy for people to hear about this situation and instantaneously blame Drayton Manor for a lack of safety and precaution. Hell, some blame has been thrown at the teachers for not keeping an eye on the student, but the simple truth is that the only person to blame here is the unfortunate victim. Instructions were given to not move from your seat and to keep hold of the rail, but Evha’s decision to get up and move is what caused her to fall into the water.

This isn’t a case of neglect, nor is it a case of safety violations. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure it won’t be long until Drayton Manor have to compensate the victim’s family for her death, despite having all measures in place for this not to happen. It’s probably the only thing they can do though, as fighting it in court would damage their reputation of being a business that cares for their customers. Sadly we live in a world where people can easily point the finger instead of owning up to a victim’s irresponsibility.


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