The Grenfell Tower, and how our government failed to keep us safe.

I woke up early this morning to the news of a huge building fire erupting in my home of England. Due to the numerous attacks on England in the last month or so, I wasn’t as shocked to hear of another attack in London, nor did I find it so tragic as I do now. More facts have come in, more has been explained on the situation and the chaos seems to have subdued since early this morning. One thing that isn’t gone though is that of blame and anger towards the current government of the United Kingdom.

For those unaware of the situation, there were reports in the middle of the night of Wednesday morning concerning a fire outbreak in the Grenfell Tower in West London. The building occupies hundreds of residents on over twenty floors and has been home of many for the 43 years it has stood. Currently the cause is said to be from a faulty refrigerator catching fire in one of the apartments which slowly engulfed the whole apartment block. Neighbours soon realised the pandemic and rushed to escape the ensuing danger. As of now, there is twelve fatalities, many people in hospital (with a portion of those people in critical condition) and a chunk of unaccounted/missing people. Those currently missing range from elderly, disabled residents to young children. I wish they are found safely and securely as soon as possible.

One thing that I’ve failed to mention, however, is that those living nearby witnessed a great amount of soft, polystyrene-like substance escaping the blaze. It was slowly floating through the air and landing miles away, reports say. Sadly, that cladding material was evidence of the amount of neglect put on apartment blocks such as Grenfell Tower and others like it across England today. Why is it like this? Why is a building that is home to many people so poorly secured for scenarios like this? Simple. It’s the lack of care shown by the Conservative Party today.

It wasn’t long after the hysterics died down that we were shocked to learn that the Conservative Party had it’s hand in this horrible ordeal. I’m not one to throw politics into the blame game at tragic events like this, however it goes without saying that our government is fucking despicable once again. A Tory Minister so easily ignored a report stating the lack of safety at Grenfell Tower for FOUR YEARS, whilst the party easily voted against helping refurbish rented properties into more humane living conditions. Yet, Theresa May has the absolute cheek to condemn the tragedy and say they will take action. Take action? That was an option PRIOR to the fatal incident and yet the government chose not to act upon it. May has also been prolific in thanking the emergency services and NHS workers for their hard work in the Manchester bombing, the London attacks and now the Grenfell Tower blaze. And yet, the woman chooses to cut back on emergency services and cut funding to the NHS despite the amazing work they have shown in times of absolute fear. The NHS is the greatest invention that Britain has ever produced, and yet the Conservative Party has no empathy for those holding the people of this country up and caring for us in our darkest days.

It is so easy to tell of your sorrow towards events like this and unlike Theresa May, I actually care for this country. I care for those giving what they can in times like these and volunteering to support the people affected by this disaster. The Manchester bombing brought out one of the most compassionate tales that England has ever produced and showed that this country is more than just tea and bad teeth. It’s a place where humanity lives alongside a corrupt political elite. No matter how bad the government fucks up, the British people are willing to put aside their hate and support those who really need it. Providing shelter, free travel, food, water, clothing, living essentials, you name it. All of these recent attacks have brought out the best in us and shown that even when a handful of us fall, we are willing to step up and support one another through hard times.

I may be angry over the lack of true empathy Theresa May shows (behind a live camera, that is), but I can go to sleep knowing the people of this country stand taller than those with the reigns. Humanity is what is giving this little island hope.


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