Working, moving, eating. (Journal Entry #8)

Well, it’s been a small while. My last post was May 11th whereas today is June 14th. What could possibly happen in that short span of a month? You’d be fucking surprised, really.

I’ve moved! Hell yeah. In late May, me and my family packed up and moved to a new home in the same city. Despite the smaller living space, I really like the new house and new neighbourhood. We did spend the first week without an internet connection, but I got to experience a couple of days without having an online presence. It was actually quite nice. I also bought a Nintendo Switch, which I guess doesn’t really bode well with that image… But still!

I’ve started a new job! Low and behold yours truly has bagged himself a job. I’ve actually known this for a month now, but I officially started in early June. Whilst I miss my old job, I don’t hate this new one. It’s professional and a new environment. I like the work, I like the people I hardly speak to, I like the morning travels. It’s a new beginning for me.

One of the things about a new job is the beginning of new traditions. Not a ‘pray before I get on the bus’ tradition or something fucked up like that, but just… doing something new. What’s that new thing? Eating at McDonalds every Friday. Yep. Turns out I have to wait a full hour for my ride home on Fridays after work, so I’m now going to be treating myself to unhealthy junk food every week to stop myself from slipping into the dark abyss that is my deceased social life. I’ve told myself I’ll write on those Fridays and update this journal then, but I can tell you straight away that it won’t be a consecutive thing. I’ll do it when I feel the need to. Like today’s rant on the unfortunate accident in London. That’s a treat.

Despite me getting adjusted to this new living situation, I’ll hopefully get back to normal with updating this thing more often. Thing is, I’ve gone from spending months upon months being unemployed with unlimited free time to now devoting a good chunk of my weekdays working in an office. I like the structure and everything, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice the lack of free time I get now. It’s fine though, the monthly paycheck will be enough to sway me away from going crazy.

Adios, chum.


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