How do people share such private things so publicly?

Why do people feel the need to repeat their lives onto others? Why is it not an obvious issue to them that their personal quarrels are being shared with the public? That’s what I’ve noticed in the past few weeks here.

I’m here, sat on my lunch break at the company canteen, attempting to read as others bicker around me constantly. Not that I mind. I don’t, if people want to converse during their free time then so be it. But one by one they disperse. They go back to their desks and resume their roles. But I have 30 minutes left, and only a few other people here get to share that luxury.

One of those is a girl in her mid-20s mindlessly tapping away at her phone. I don’t recognise her so I assume she’s in another department from mine. But one thing I do know is that she’s spent the good part of all her breaks arguing to her (I presume) boyfriend over the phone. Raising her voice, telling him to shut up, the usual.

That’s one example I’ve gotten to experience numerously over my few weeks here already. The other is a girl within my department who shares her relationship troubles with my supervisor. From what I understand, she repeatedly tries to garner her ex’s attention through Facebook, Instagram and the most notable – Snapchat. Fucking hell, Snapchat is her worst connection to him. “He looked at my snaps but didn’t reply!” “He saw my story and I looked at his and he didn’t respond!” Well I wonder fucking why.

This is why I question human interaction. I’m so nervous to talk to people and speak my mind on things that I come across as quiet and unfriendly, but I’m actually curious on these things. Why do people share such personal things with people and don’t worry of the consequences? Why is it so easy for others to share intimate details of their lives with people they only interact with for monetary reasons? It’s crazy.


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