Being fat isn’t positive, and Natalie Hage shouldn’t encourage it with her ‘plane rant’.

It’s your not-so-friendly resident complainer here, back with another sin to add to the list of shitty things people do. Much like every rant I have on here, I find the majority of stupid material shared via Facebook from friends and family. Sadly, one of my good friends happened to like this video which brought it to my attention. To that friend I only have one thing to say – for the love of God, please stop encouraging this.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, you’re one of the lucky ones. I admire you greatly for avoiding this for as long as you could. Unfortunately I now need to bring it to your attention.

If you’ve got a vast array of friends on Facebook, you’ll have most likely seen one of those ‘body positivity’ pages floating around. In this instance, a Facebook group known as ‘I Heart My Body‘ shared a video of ‘model’ Natalie Hage being fat-shamed on an airplane. The story goes that Natalie, a large ‘model’, was placed in the exit row seat next to a male stranger. She mentions that she looked across to him texting his friend about her weight, making a joke that she ‘probably ate a Mexican’:

Friend: Hopefully they didn’t have any Mexican food

Him: I think she ate a Mexican.

When the flight was over and they were ready to exit the plane, she confronted him about his texts, telling him that he made her ‘feel so uncomfortable to exist in this seat’. He replied back saying he didn’t feel comfortable with her being in the exit row seat as she didn’t seem capable of assisting people off the plane in an emergency. Good point, that is an issue and a risk to those on that plane. He’s still a dickhead for saying those comments, but he raises an issue that is important in the safety of everyone else. What does she reply?

“That’s funny because I work out about five times a week.”

That’s… that’s worrying. If you’re working out five times a week and are still at her size with no sign of weight loss, something is not going so smoothly in that regime. Unless she has a medical condition preventing her from losing weight, I wouldn’t be afraid to guess she isn’t sticking to her regime at all. She could be eating more than she’s losing and if that’s true then she has no reason to speak. Trust me, from personal experience you can’t  expect good results from working out if you’re piling that food back on in the meantime. Her argument there holds no grounds if that’s true.

“You know NOTHING about me from the size of my body so to say something…”

He knows that you’re large and are making his flight uncomfortable. Yes, it is mean to judge someone by how they look or how they are physically, but that doesn’t mean everyone should tip-toe over your emotions because you’re unable to let that comment slide. Whatever happened to ‘I’m not going to stoop to your level‘?

He has every right to complain if he is seated next to someone that makes his flight experience uncomfortable. He’s paid just as much money as you and initially does not expect to be sat next to someone that interferes with his personal space due to their weight. From just looking at the video, the guy is uncomfortably sitting with his hands crossed on his lap because he can’t sit properly due to her size. Does that make him a bad person for being irritated by that? No! He’s got every right to have an opinion on that, just like she does in this video.

“…to have a quip like that back to me after I’m talking to you about is an extra asshole thing for you to do.”

It wouldn’t be a proper addition to the Sin Bible if it wasn’t for the classic ‘I’m so oppressed!‘ comment. Blaming him for explaining himself and the worrying situation when you just brought up the subject is a fucking idiotic thing to do. His ‘quip’ was actually a concern for the safety of others, and he did bring up a very important subject of exit row seating. Does that excuse him from being a dick? No it doesn’t, but he has every right to fear for his safety in a time of emergency. The fact she feels the need to blame him for addressing his own concerns after she publicly shamed him shows how ridiculous Natalie Hage is. You cannot sit there and call him out and expect him to shut up and take it.

Natalie: “Are you a doctor?”

Man: “That’s none of your business.”

Natalie: “That’s none of my business, so my body is also none of your business.”

As soon as he sat down on the flight and was greeted by your problematic size next to him, that was his business. If someone is paying a substantial amount of money to travel and is uncomfortably seated next to someone who causes them concern, they have every fucking right to have an opinion. As I said, he has every right to voice his opinion on the matter and doesn’t need to keep quiet just because you’re not adapt enough to handle criticism. Trust me, I’ve been in that position. I’ve had people make comments on my weight. I’ve been told many times I’m fat and ugly, but do I bitch and moan about it? No, I’ve grown to ignore comments like that and accept me for me. Isn’t that what this whole ‘I Heart My Body‘ page is about?

It’s people like this that make ‘body positivity’ a shit show. I’m all for people being positive with their looks and feeling happy in general, but I’ve said this before… it’s not good. Being overweight or obese is not a good thing. Sure, you can be happy with how you look and feel, but in terms of life expectancy and health risks, it puts you in more danger than that of someone choosing a healthy lifestyle. But these pages don’t help that. They spread videos of people with multiple health issues and slap a ‘all good!‘ sticker on it to make others feel happy about themselves in exchange for likes and free promotion.

And yet, does the video show a woman happy with her body size? No, it doesn’t. It’s the exact opposite of what the page promotes. Yes, it has a woman sticking up for her looks, but it also shows how insecure she is to criticism and negativity. It shows how her weight does affect her emotionally and how small comments like this don’t make her happy with how she looks. The ideal ‘poster model’ for this page should be someone who doesn’t let comments deter her away from what she’s doing and can handle the struggles in front of her. Natalie Hage is not that person. She’s insecure, unable to take criticism and cannot handle someone saying something other than what she deems acceptable.

All in all, this video is another example of how today’s society is trying so hard to change the world for the wrong reasons. They for some reason think their struggles and problems are on the same calibre as that of historical movement issues. The Freedom Riders, the March on Washington, the Suffragettes movement… They fought for real issues. Just because someone on a plane made a joke about your weight, doesn’t mean you have to make it a mass viral hit. That small action has since made more people concerned for your health and insecurities, and most likely made the problem worse. How many people will have seen that and gone to your social media platforms to give their honest criticism that you can’t handle?

Stop trying to adapt the world and people around you to fit your fucking way of thinking, and learn to take criticism like a grown up. Not everyone is going to be on your same wavelength, so stop trying to put them there.

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