Being fat isn’t positive, and Natalie Hage shouldn’t encourage it with her ‘plane rant’.

It’s your not-so-friendly resident complainer here, back with another sin to add to the list of shitty things people do. Much like every rant I have on here, I find the majority of stupid material shared via Facebook from friends and family. Sadly, one of my good friends happened to like this video which brought it to my attention. To that friend I only have one thing to say – for the love of God, please stop encouraging this. Continue reading

Working, moving, eating. (Journal Entry #8)

Well, it’s been a small while. My last post was May 11th whereas today is June 14th. What could possibly happen in that short span of a month? You’d be fucking surprised, really.
I’ve moved! Hell yeah. In late May, me and my family packed up and moved to a new home in the same city. Despite the smaller living space, I really like the new house and new neighbourhood. We did spend the first week without an internet connection, but I got to experience a couple of days without having an online presence. It was actually quite nice. I also bought a Nintendo Switch, which I guess doesn’t really bode well with that image… But still! Continue reading

The Grenfell Tower, and how our government failed to keep us safe.

I woke up early this morning to the news of a huge building fire erupting in my home of England. Due to the numerous attacks on England in the last month or so, I wasn’t as shocked to hear of another attack in London, nor did I find it so tragic as I do now. More facts have come in, more has been explained on the situation and the chaos seems to have subdued since early this morning. One thing that isn’t gone though is that of blame and anger towards the current government of the United Kingdom. Continue reading

The Drayton Manor ‘Splash Canyon’ incident. [My Thoughts]

Posting my feelings on a subject is something I feel is necessary every now and then, and today was one of those days. I was going to give my thoughts on another man-hating story, but the big news recently has all revolved around the Drayton Manor incident involving the death of an eleven year old girl. It’s a tragedy and people have every right to mourn the death of this young girl, however we have the usual rally of whiners who feel the need to blame Drayton Manor for this incident. Believe it or not, but the company is completely innocent of this death. Continue reading

Historical women’s rights activists would be ashamed of ‘female empowerment’ today.

Usually my posting to this website has a hiatus of a week or two between posts, but something caught my eye. It’s a topic that is so cringe-inducing that it makes my blood boil. You must be thinking, ‘fuck man, what is it? War in Syria? Another ISIS video? The return of autocracy in the 21st century??’ Nope. It’s about breast-feeding on social media. Continue reading