Historical women’s rights activists would be ashamed of ‘female empowerment’ today.

Usually my posting to this website has a hiatus of a week or two between posts, but something caught my eye. It’s a topic that is so cringe-inducing that it makes my blood boil. You must be thinking, ‘fuck man, what is it? War in Syria? Another ISIS video? The return of autocracy in the 21st century??’ Nope. It’s about breast-feeding on social media. Continue reading


Big corporations yet again fucking me over. (Journal Entry #7)

On the job search yet again after my previous job fell through. I’m not a professional post-opener by any means. I’ve been on a few interviews and still waiting to hear back from them. Low and behold, I was called last week by a tech company saying they would love to have a talk with me in person. Me being interested in working in digital marketing was really excited and looked forward to this day. Continue reading

The hypocrisy with the public’s voice on crime.

Being subscribed to many social media platforms and in particular those of true crime, I tend to notice the pattern of people who voice their opinion on certain crimes. A man has been jailed for six years for killing his stepson in a head-on crash. Shocking, right? He was under the influence of cocaine and had been on the phone during the crash. The child was in the back seat and broke his neck, which ultimately led to his death. It is a horrible crime and it’s good that he will face his sentence for it. But then you have people like this… Continue reading

‘Personal responsibility’ is DEAD, and Sammy Woodhouse doesn’t help that.

If you’re new to this journal, you’re probably not aware that I speak my mind here. I say what I think under the blanket of anonymity. One thing I would like to point out to begin with is that I do not condone vile actions such as paedophilia, forced prostitution and rape. These are sickening acts that deserve punishment. However, there is one story that’s recently caught the public eye regarding a woman in her rebellious teenage years and the lifestyle she was brought into. You can find the article here. Continue reading

Professionalism isn’t hard. Companies should have more respect for their potential employees. (Journal Entry #5)

I was just about to sneeze so I put my arm up. I didn’t sneeze and it looked like I dabbed silently. Awkward. Thought I’d mention that.

Last Monday I had an interview with a tech company (Company A) to work in their IT support department. It went okay, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t get it. Last Wednesday I had an interview with a commercial property business (Company B) to work in admin, and it went really well. I was confident, composed and came across really well. Both said they would get back to me by the end of the week. Continue reading