I hate the smell of marijuana. It’s fucking horrible.

When I was younger I used to have a big hatred of people who smoked weed. The reason was because I was brought up in a strict household who educated me on the harms of drugs and how marijuana makes people act unnatural. I was told that marijuana was only used by bad people and that it was just as bad as heroin and cocaine. For a time I was openly disappointed with my girlfriend who enjoyed smoking weed and I used to tell her how bad it was. She used to lie about how much she enjoyed it just to appease me. Since then I’ve come to realise how ridiculous the claims my parents made about the drug, and came to realise how beneficial the drug is. Continue reading


Fuck fairness, it doesn’t exist. (Journal Entry #3)

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to grab myself a couple of job interviews, and it’s ended with either rejections or no response whatsoever. Thankfully, I bagged myself two interviews for this week and was hoping on a third being made with a recruitment company I was using. It doesn’t look like it’s the case anymore though since they take their time in getting back to me. Continue reading